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Measurements and Rewards

At LiveAnew®, we think program measurements should be emphasized. At the end of the day, it is most important for the employees to determine if the program is working. This is why we created a scientifically validated survey for your employees to measure their progress toward improving well being and provide vital feedback concerning the effectiveness of the program.

Well Being Index™

Well-Being IndexThis is a short, scientifically validated survey that gives you a gauge on how prepared you are in the areas of finance, health, and social well-being. This provides you three areas of focus for your life.

The Well Being Index™ is also designed to be a measurement tool taken at the beginning of the your process, and at other times throughout your progress, in order to help you assess the progress you are making.

Try taking the Well Being Index™ for yourself now. Click here to begin.

Social Capital Credits

Incentives are crucial in the journey toward well being. That’s why LiveAnew has created a built-in ‘monetary’ system of credits called Social Capital Credits.

Each completed activity assigns a credit to your employee’s personal account. This provides a unique foundation which can assist in developing an incentive program for your organization that is fun and relevant.


LiveAnew® Updates

Tech sector may be the happiest

Technology companies made up the top five workplaces, and accounted for seven of the top 10. NetApp and Google came in at number two and three, respectively...

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Join A New Group Focused On The Science of Happiness and Well-Being In The Workplace

This group provides an outlet to share and discuss the research and application of scientifically proven strategies that influence happiness and well-being inside the workplace. Click "Join Now" to learn more.

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In The News

Positive Psychology and Community Outreach Can Make Your Organization Better

A number of studies have shown that a workplace promoting positive psychology among employees and clients can increase innovation, loyalty and pride among those who work with the organization. The goodwill promoted when companies focus on their human capital as opposed to the cold, impersonal bottom line often creates conditions that allow businesses to grow profits and thrive for the long term.
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Happiness plays a major role in physical fitness

Although lots of people are now into fitness and healthy lifestyles, many are not yet   ready  to start a physical wellness program because they  lack the motivation, inspiration and positive feelings to initiate change...

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